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issues and what's going on at l.a.x. joining us is jeff lanza, former fbi agent, and aaltorii from mythbusters, was in terminal 3. can you tell us what you have or have not seen? >> this is the most -- it's like a nightmare come true. when you hear about these things that happen in the news you're like, gosh, i'm glad i wasn't there. i was at gated 33 when i heard gunshots and everybody ran down the hallway toward the gate. it was just panic everywhere. people were jumping all over each other, jumping -- we were trying to stay low, ducking. i kept my eye on the corridor to make sure he wasn't going to come down. finally security opened up one of the gates and we all piled out down the stairs onto the tarmac and basically just hid behind whatever we could find. >> we have a map of terminal 3. this is not the one i'm thinking of, guys -- there it is. you were in 33. did you get to see the shooter at pull? those just joining us -- >> i never -- i never -- >> hang on. he entered the terminal on the left there and took a semi-automatic out of the -- an assault rifle, i keep getting that
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1